Established in 2007, Gourmet Kemang Catering has since carved its name as renowned culinary specialist. Offering select Western, European, Asian, Japanese and Indonesian culinary, the Catering focuses on fine food, beverage and top quality service for your treasured special occasions.
We are committed to delighting our clientele with inspiring flavors and unrivaled services. Our experience, knowledge, resources and passion are merged for your special moment. Enjoy an unforgettable culinary journey from the trusted catering.
We have established a reputation for delivering memorable dining experiences for events ranging from casual dining and intimate weddings to lavish cocktail parties. Whether entertaining family, friends, colleagues or clients, we will provide you a lineup of mouthwatering buffet with unmatched services. With Gourmet Kemang Catering, your event will always be an endless culinary journey experience.
Gourmet Kemang Catering
“Where Culinary Pleasures Await You”