Gourmet World


Despite of the fact that Kemang is filled with bunch of restaurants, it’s not really a place that I go often due to the traffic. However, last Friday was public holiday and the traffic was so smooth that we decided to go to Kemang area for our dinner. I didn’t really know what I wanted to try so we thought that we just drive there and see what enticed us.

When we reached Kemang, we drove around and when passing through Ranch Market, I remembered there was a place called Gourmet World (previously Gourmet Garage) located on the second floor, famous for it’s Wagyu burger. The Wagyu burger was so famous that it was mentioned several times on Jakarta Good Food Guide. I figured it would be the right time to check it out.

Gourmet world located on the upper floor of Ranch Market. The place was spacious with standard interior. The smoking and non smoking section was separated far. That day was quite crowded and the patrons were mostly family.

We were seated and started to order. They served western and Japanese type of food. For starter, hubby and I chose Crab Quesadillas (50k), a tortilla stuffed with crab meat, lettuce, jalapeno, bell pepper topped with guacamole and salsa rodja. It was delicious, the tortilla was crisp, generous crab meat and the salsa sauce was a top notch. Unfortunately, the Turkey greek salad (55k) was not as good as the quesadillas. Actually it was not bad, the salad was fresh, turkey was in enough portion, just lack of the vinegar dressing.

For the entree, of course I chose the famous Gourmet wagyu burger (110k). The burger looked very much tempting when it was served to us, placed on a cutting board, the color looked right, portion was ok, the fries was crunchy and delicious, sadly the burger was not. First the bread was not soft and the beef patty was way over grilled while we asked for medium well. Although it was well presented, for 110k to me the burger was so not worth it.

My husband’s Gourmet fish and chips (80k) wasn’t a highlight as well. The deep fried dough was soft and a bit oily plus the fillet was mushy. The only likeable in the plate was again only the fries.

Overall I can’t seem to figure out what was so special about this place that it was mentioned several time on one of my favorite food guidance book. Or maybe that night wasn’t our lucky night.

Gourmet World
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 66
(second floor of Ranch Market)
South Jakarta
Ph. +6221 7190875

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